Ski Trip

Even though he was in quite a bit of pain, my husband went to Wyoming on the youth ski trip this year.

To say they were a little short of a certain white substance may have been an understatement…

However, snow was moved to two of the main slopes, and the kids were able to have some fun and ski anyway.

Shan said she like the fact that there wasn’t much snow because it caused the ski resort to move the jumps closer to the bottom of the hill.

(Um, okay, son…. let me get this straight…. you refuse to get on any rides at an amusement park, yet you will take a lift to the top of a mountain, zoom down the side of it at a speed so fast that seasoned skiiers were gasping and holding their breath, and then take some air over the jump, and land it without biffing????)

In this picture, all of the kids are waiting their turn to jump.

Not all of their time was spent skiing.

Because, seriously…. if one has a phone, one must text. 😛

Maybe she was texting me… 😀

The trip was not without mishap.  Fortunately, this girl was not badly injured, and enjoyed the rest of her time.


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