Where have I been?

Um…. busy. 🙂

Today, we are traveling to Iowa to attend the North Central Regional Pastor’s Retreat.  I can’t wait!  It is always so good to get together with other pastors and their families.  This year the theme is, ‘You Have Permission to Be Refreshed, Renewed, and Celebrate.’

I have been asked to hold a conference similar to the one I held for our Nebraska State Minister’s Meeting on ‘Being in the Pastor’s Family’.  However, they have asked me to extend the information to include co-pastors, female pastors, and husbands of female pastors.  No problem, I’m a female pastor and a co-pastor…. I can handle this. 😉    So, I went to research the hearts of female pastors, co-pastors, and husbands of female pastors.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of these people sharing their hearts. Instead, what I found was a plethera of well-meaning, but hateful dissertations on why females cannot be pastors.

In my research this is what I found out about myself:

I am a feminist who supports abortion, homosexuality – and I’m probably a lesbian.  (yeah, right…. where is that eye rolling smilie???)  I am deceiving my congregation because any church that has a female pastor is not a ‘real church’ therefore those people are not attending church, and are not really tithing to God; as such, they will be eternally cursed (are you puking yet? I am.).  If I am married, I have a horrible marriage and my children are confused and will grow up confused and turn away from God.  Oh, yeah, and I’m going straight to hell.

I also found that women cannot be pastors because we are easily deceived and therefore more sinful than men. (what??? Um, where does is say in the Bible that women are more sinful that men???) We are hormonal, emotional, and get pregnant; what is a church to do when the pastor goes into labor – men don’t have this problem….    And many site the proof for this as to the people Jesus called to be his ’12 disciples’, since none of them were women.  Hmmm, none of them were gentiles or slaves either. Does that mean that you have to be a Jew to be a pastor as well?

I must admit that after I read scathing comment after scathing comment, I was really frustrated and becoming discouraged. I was not, however, questioning my call. This morning, I read one of the best articles that refute the nay-sayers with Biblical evidence of women leaders (whom, yes, had authority over men) with succinctness. I encourage you to read the article : http://ministers.ag.org/pdf/WomenMinistry.pdf    This article put to words all that I knew, but could not articulate with the same amount of skill. Enjoy!

Just a note:  I am not a feminist in the modern sense of the word, I believe homosexuality is a sin, I am against abortion, I have a great marriage with well-adjusted and happy children, and my husband is probably more emotional that I am. 😀  Just sayin’…


8 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. We just installed our new pastor last week. She is a female. We love her dearly and feel she is really intent on reaching the lost and helping our church return to what it used to be.

      1. Charlene Hubbard. We grew up in Maiden Lane together. Wonderful woman. I still think of her as a young girl. We couldn’t have all gotten old.

  2. Thank you for this posting. I read every word of the pdf. Having felt the call so many years ago, my church where I’ve attended for 7 years does not recognize my calling. I am allowed to work “women’s” ministry, and I teach a women’s Sunday School class, but when I’ve seen how they have supported, prayed for, and annointed men called to preach, I feel a little left out. Even though I have asked for this kind of support, it is not given. I live in a small community of Missouri and my other church choices are way outside my community. So I stay where I am, knowing that God is blessing me and the ministry for my faithfulness of not pulling away from a congregation. God is so amazing. And as David, I strengthen myself in the Lord my God. Know, Annie, that you have been lifted this very moment. God speed, Lisa

  3. Pastor Charlene would like a copy of what you present on female pastors.I told her what you said in your blog. She is very interested in what you come up with.

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