Finally got it.

The right computer, that is. 🙂

So here are the long-awaited pictures…

While Tim and I were at the Pastor’s Retreat, the kids stayed at our friends’ house in South Dakota.

They also homeschool, so the kids did school work in the morning and spent the afternoons playing on the farm,

riding the go-kart,

playing guitars, and….

climbing to the top of an 80 ft. silo.

I think the silo was the activity of choice.


Not only did they climb to the top, the boys also did school work up there…. just to say they did.

They also did school work inside the silo, played their guitars, and sang.

Now, look at the pictures above.  Don’t these girls look like they could be twins?


And I have pictures of my son that looks almost exactly like his friend in this picture.

They all had a blast!  And, they will be seeing each other in 52 days (yes the count down is on!) at Anderson Convention.


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