My Garden… and other various corrections

After reading my previous post, my children informed me of some corrections that need to be made.

1. It was Shannon’s friend and Joel that scaled the silo and did school work at the top.  Shannon did not make it to the top.

2. It should be ‘homeschooled’ instead of ‘homeschool’.    (yes, the English teacher made a mistake. 😀  and the student caught it 😛 )

Ahem.  Now that the corrections are out of the way, I want to show you how my garden is coming along.

On Tuesday, an angel with a tiller came for a visit.

Not only did he till both gardens…

(isn’t the dirt beautiful!)

he also tilled up a flower bed in front of the bedroom windows.

Today, I thought I would work a little in the flower bed, and then I decided to reclaim our side-walk and concrete blocks from the weeds.


I did not get a wide-angle, but just imagine the whole front yard and front sidewalk looking exactly like this.

And after:

I still have quite a bit of sidewalk yet to reclaim.   I am thinking about planting some very small flowers inside the concrete blocks. Any suggestions as to what I should plant?

I am also going to plant petunias in these:

I would LOVE to plant hydrangea, but I don’t think that will be able to happen this year. Maybe next year.

And, today, for my birthday, Tim and the kids gave me a new garden flag.

I will update you all on the progress of both the veggie garden and the flower gardens. Tomorrow, I will try to get the garden raked out so we can plant Shan’s strawberries, and I can get a bunch of other veggies going. I have already planted some onions and radishes.  I had planted some carrots as well, but one of our ornery cats wallowed in them. 😦  Seriously, his cuteness is his only saving grace.


6 thoughts on “My Garden… and other various corrections

  1. Glad your tiller “angel” came by. It sure looks ready to go. We are planting some,but on a much smaller scale,since we haven’t much yard. Good luck. I loved the pics of the kids.

  2. Your garden and sidewalk looks great! What about some French Marigolds in your concrete blocks…cheap and easy to grow from seed.

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