Last Track Meet

Yesterday was the kids’ last track meet, and last public school sports activity.

Shannon competed in the triple jump,

and Joel competed in the 100 dash.

After watching her brother compete,

Shan found out that she was going to be put in for another runner in the 1×4 relay.


Shannon had also competed in the long jump, 100 dash, and 200 dash in previous track meets, and Joel had participated in the long jump and 200 dash as well. However, this was for the finals, and they could only compete in the events that they had placed in the top 3.  Joel could have also competed in the 200′ dash at the finals, but he declined so another student would have a chance to compete.

Those of you who know me well are probably wondering where my children may have gotten their ability to run so well.  It certainly was NOT from me.  Remember, I run like a chicken.  Actually, my hubby is quite the fast runner.  I don’t even try to keep up. LOL 😀


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