Glad I didn’t plant my tomatoes today…

After my meeting this morning, I was going to come home and plant my tomatoes (finally!).  I’ve been wanting to get them in the ground for over a week, but life has been a bit inconsistent schedule wise.  Such is life in the parsonage. 😉

So, I made lunch – chili and cinnamon rolls – changed into my gardening garb, and went outside.  I was sidetracked by a person in the community driving by and talking. By the time our conversation was over, a storm had moved in. Five minutes later…

hail was pelting the ground (and my face).  I think it would have destroyed the tomatoes, had I planted them.

I have been busy with the yard, however.

I have cleared the weeds out of part of the front yard so it can be seeded with grass.

I have also edged more of the sidewalk. I have been edging with a shovel as we do not have an edger.  It’s kind of fun, actually.

But I still have a bit more to go before it’s finished.

This picture is of the east side of the house.  I want to edge, but I’m wondering how much of the sidewalk is even still under the grass and weeds.

I guess I will eventually find out.

I really, really, really need to get the rest of my garden in before Wednesday.  I’ll tell you why tomorrow. 🙂








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