Counseling/Prayer Room

I’m sure you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats for the past few months in anticipation, wondering when I would finally finish the counseling room at the church.

Well, here you go.

I’m not completely done.  I still need to paint two of the doors, touch up parts of the ceiling,

and cut, prime, and paint a piece of trim to finish out the moulding in the corner. I really wanted to do that before I set the room up, but I found the need to use the room greater than the need to finish those last details.  I will finish it, though.

I hadn’t done the painting for a while because I had thought I was pregnant, and pregnant women aren’t supposed to be exposed to paint fumes.  However, much to my extremely great disappointment, I found out (on my birthday, no less 😦 ) that I wasn’t.  You all know how much I want more children.  I just ask that you be praying that if it is God’s will, he will provide us with more. Whether through adoption, having our own, or both.



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