Vacation Bible School

Tonight is our last night of Vacation Bible School.

This year we are doing the National Park theme.

The kids are having a great time, and I’m pretty sure the adults are having as much fun.

I am the ‘craft lady’ again this year, and Shan is helping me.

Joel is helping to teach 3rd & 4th graders, and Tim

is helping to teach these little guys.  They are all so stinkin’ cute! And I’m talking about all the ages.  Since I am doing the crafts, I get to interact with all of them.  I ask each group when they come in about what the lesson for the night is about, and you can tell that they have really been paying attention, and that something in the lesson has stuck with them.

There have also been some things that have stuck out to me as well….  You know the saying, ‘kids say the darndest things’?  Well, sometimes the teachers have to respond in like manner.  Favorite response from a teacher this week: “No, you may not wash your hands in the toilet.”  😀




2 thoughts on “Vacation Bible School

  1. Ours is the same one. It starts on Monday. I am so bummed. I cannot help with it due to my blood clot issues. I did get to help early on with the planning and decorations. I love the Gospel Light cirriculum. Love to all.

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