Today, we are all packing for NAC  (North American Convention of the Church of God).  We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, so we are hoping to have the truck and trailer all packed tonight.

Yep, that’s right… the truck and trailer.  After NAC, we are dropping the kids off in MO to spend about 6 weeks with their Grandma. One week of that will be spent at Camp Sharon.  So we are taking their bikes, all their instruments (and mine), school work (no, they don’t have the summer off this year), games, knitting needles and yarn, and enough clothes to last a lifetime it seems. 😀  And Mom, I’ve threatened to send Shan’s cat to your house.  You want cat, don’t you????  😛 Oh, and we are bringing you another gift.  It might have something to do with yak. hehehe.

Anyway, while at NAC, we are staying in an apartment with two other families.  This should be a blast!  They are all musically inclined, and everyone is bringing their instruments.  We will have a keyboard, 2 bass guitars, 2 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars, two fiddles, and some bongos.  I feel for our neighbors.  I’m wondering if Tim will want to bring his triangle. 😀

I love having an apartment there since I have so many food allergies.  I can cook all of our food. It saves a BUNCH of money as well. One of our other room mates has special dietary issues as well. I am planning the menu; I already have a few ideas in mind, but I will ask you: What healthy, yummy, and easy meals can I make for 9 people?  I am planning burritos one night.  I am taking a cooler full of beef, venison, and some yak. One of the families is bringing enough sweet corn to last all week.  Some of those coming eat mostly whole foods and nothing processed.  Like I said, I have a few ideas, but I’m a little bored with them, so I am asking for unique and easy ideas.  I will also have my crock pot and plenty of pots and pans.  And….. wait for it…… this year our apartment has a dishwasher!  My kids are so excited.

I am also excited because I will get to see my parents again.  They are coming up Friday night and I’m hoping staying until Sunday.


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