Wonderful Day

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the last day of NAC.  I have to be honest and tell you I don’t want it to be over. This week has been such an amazing experience.

Yesterday was quite busy.  I attended General Assembly in the morning.

(I KNOW you really wanted to be there, Daddy (read: dripping with sarcasm) so I took a picture so you wouldn’t miss out. 😀 )

Not only did I have the chance to represent and vote on behalf of our church, but I also had the chance to watch the meeting being signed.

When the speaker wasn’t discussing a resolution, I would watch, hoping to learn more about signing as we are all trying to learn. It was fascinating.

After GA, we went out to eat with several of our friends, then went to the place where the old tabernacle once stood.

When you stand at the spot it used to be, it feels electric. It’s as though you can physically feel the prayers of the saints rising from past generations. I literally felt like an electric current was running through me. We all felt it. All 10 of us.

We took our instruments and sang for a while, worshipping.

While we played and sang, my friend (sitting) signed the words.

When we were done with our family worship service, some of us went to one more conference.

This was on Public Reading of Scripture.  It was such a good conference. One of my favorite speakers led the conference.

Dr. Jeffrey Frymire had taught at Princeton, but this year he is moving to Asbury Theological Seminary.  I would go to seminary just to sit under his teaching. The conference was an hour and a half, and everyone in the room was begging him to just go on for a few more hours.  I have many pages of notes. 🙂

After the conference, we went back to the apartment, and our downstairs neighbor came up to jam with us.  He plays the bass guitar as well, but his was stolen several years ago from his church.  He was good.  The jam session was good. Hope we didn’t disturb our other neighbors too bad…

The night ended with a wonderful worship service, and then it was back to the apartment to start packing.  We have to be completely out of the apartment this morning by 8:00 a.m. 😦

So, now, if you will excuse me, I have 4 teenagers to wake up and get moving.  I think I will get them moving to this .  You might recognize it, Mama.  It’s what got our freckles excited. 😀


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Day

  1. I wish I could have been there longer. I would have loved to stay for the rest of the conferences on worship!. I also would have loved to be a part of the worship where you were worshiping with song and instruments. Who was signing? (Sigh- next year:)

    Regarding freckles moving… fun memories made when You and Shan were here! I don’t know if anyone other than us could say we danced but the four of us sure
    followed Shan’s lead and “moved” LOL

    1. Noelle was signing. Next year, because of it being a Global Convention, there won’t be as many conferences. More just worship and fellowship. It will still be good. Tim and I have already registered.
      Hey, we were dancing! It may have been quite hilarious, but we were dancing. 😀

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