In Missouri

We are now in Missouri dropping off the kids at Grandma’s for about 6 weeks.

You know, that always sounds good until we actually have to drop them off.  I enjoy my children, and enjoy spending time with them.  I have never understood the sentiment that I hear some parents say about looking forward to school starting because their kids are driving them crazy and getting on their nerves.  I mean, there are a few times that my kids do that (and honestly, that is very rare), but not enough to not want to be with them.  Truth be told, I probably drive them crazy and get on their nerves more than they do mine. But we love each other, and love to spend time with each other.  So, the next six weeks are going to be very quiet at home.

Well, not completely quiet. Tim and I are working on a project together. 😉 If it’s God’s will that this project come together, I will tell you more about it.

Right now, I am sitting at Burger King drinking an iced coffee using their free internet.  Mom R. doesn’t have internet at home (boy, my kids are going to go through withdraw lol! 😀 ), so I probably won’t post again until I get home, or unless I think about it if Tim and I stop someplace on the way home that has WiFi.

I spoke with our Board Chair the other day, and he said that it had been up to 116 degrees at home. I am thinking that our front lawn that I seeded probably isn’t growing.  I do have someone watering everyday, but if it has been that hot, I don’t have high hopes. 😦  It has actually been that hot here in MO.  And there hasn’t been much humidity either (for which I am very thankful!). I am starting to wonder what kind of winter we will be having.

Well, enough small talk.  I must get off here and go take Shannon shopping for camp. Unfortunately, some of her clothes are more holey than righteous. 😀


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