I haven’t gotten as far on the weeding as I had planned.

The pig weeds are still thriving in parts of my garden. 😦   Unfortunately, there have been many interruptions to my weeding plans.  Some have been sad. The mother of one of our youth passed away last week. It’s a difficult situation.

And one of the interruptions was just plain weird. I may tell you about it tomorrow.

But, on the bright side, I have made some progress.

I have peas growing in abundance.

My pepper plants are doing quite well.

And a couple of my tomato plants are doing well.

And  this morning I uncovered some bean plants that looked kind of healthy.

I counted about 6 bean plants that have survived.  I think I will try to get some more in the ground.

By 9:30 this morning, I had cleared quite a bit more of the pig weed.

The other day I asked a gentleman, who comes by often to watch the progress, why it’s called pig weed.  He didn’t know. So I looked it up.  It’s because this type of weed is used as pig fodder. Too bad I don’t have a pig farm.  My piggies would be well fed!


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