Thanks to my hubby’s help, the weeds are gone.

Three of my tomato plants are thriving, the other six are growing, but not at quite a healthy rate.

I would like for you all to meet Taz…

Don’t worry, he’s not ours.  He belongs to our neighbor two doors down.  But he’s kind of like Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver.  He will come to the door yeowling as if to say, “Good morning, Mrs. Roberts. Beautiful day today. Can Snickers and Tickles come out to play?”  (he doesn’t play with Butterscotch, who is very antisocial)

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Taz was feeling rather amorous. Only he’s a mite confused. He tried to shower his *ahem* affections on Tickles, our male cat. Tickles would have none of it.  I thought that they had gotten over the incident and confusion and had been playing together. Well, I was wrong. Yesterday, Taz got a little confused again and tried his luck with Tickles once more. Oh, the fight that ensued! It was actually quite humorous.  Hopefully, Taz will soon get his confusion worked out. Now if he would just stay out of my garden.  He destroyed one of my main producing pepper plants.  Sigh….


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