Shan’s Cat

I was falsely accusing our neighbor’s cat of crimes he didn’t commit…

The pepper plant murderer was caught red handed  pawed!

Her life of crime, however, completely wore her out for the day…

Shan, your cat is a little stinker!  She has been excedingly ornery for the past week – almost as bad as she was when she was a young kitten.  Can’t wait for you to get back – she can be ornery to you then instead of me.  😛

On to other domestic news…

About 6 months ago, my bread machine kicked the bucket.  We had gone to a thrift store and found one, but it smelled like a skunk. I had Tim keep his eye out for one at auctions, but there haven’t been as many auctions this year.

My parents came to the rescue! They had a bread machine they didn’t use anymore, so when we met up at Anderson, they brought it to us (along with another huge bulky item that we will discuss later).

So today, I decided to make some onion bread.  I am thrilled that this bread machine has a window. My old one didn’t.

It was so nice to watch the bread fall while it was baking when I bumped into the table.

But all was not lost.  Even though the bread didn’t rise as high as it could have,

It still turned out well.

On a more exciting note, I finished my paper on the 14 Theological Statements for ordination, and submitted it.  Yay!


One thought on “Shan’s Cat

  1. I used to have a bread machine like that. I sold it at a yard sale before we moved. Only used it three times. I like doing it the old fashioned way. Takes away my frustrations. Glad you finished your paper. And as far as the cat goes, they do get quite ornery now and then. Especially when they miss their own person.

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