Have I mentioned… ?

I miss my kids!

The other day I was sitting in the recliner reading and I heard someone coming up the stairs. As Tim was in town, my mind immediately wondered which one of my children was coming upstairs.  Then I remembered…. they aren’t here.  It was Max, of course.

The house has been so quiet that I am now listening occasionally to http://www.air1.com/  or   http://joyfmonline.org/

These are radio stations that are played on our computer almost non-stop when my kids are here.

Shan, right now I’m listening to air1…. Afterlife by Switchfoot (or is it footswitch??? LOL!)  is playing.  🙂

The time is going by fairly quickly, though. Last Sunday night, our praise team sang at our county fair for Gospel Music Night.  I wanted to write a post about it, but I was waiting to snag some photos from a woman in our church who was there taking pictures.  She hasn’t shared them yet, but as soon as she does, I will share as well. But I just realized that it was almost a week ago. Where did the time go?

So, what did I do this week?

Monday:  gardening, dishes, laundry, shelled some peas, and other fairly boring domesticated stuff.

Tuesday: Tim and I went to town, as is our custom, to go grocery shopping, goof off,  and spend some quality time together. 😉  Tuesdays are our days off. 🙂

Wednesday: gardening, baked bread (well, my bread machine did 😀 ), spent some time in the office,  and then  sequestered myself until I finished my theological paper. We also went to a birthday party of a little boy who came to our VBS.

Thursday: I spent most of the day helping a couple in our church who was stranded north of McCook. They were on their way to N. Platte, when their car broke down.  That evening I had premarital counseling.

Friday: gardening, laundry,  cleaned house, gave the dog a bath, reading and research,  made Tim meatloaf (he’s been requesting it for a while), and while it was cooking, someone brought over some fresh picked sweet corn. Yum!

Today:  gardening, cleaned the Methodist Church, cut Tim’s hair, spent some time in the church office, visitation, laundry, ordered a lug of pears from the Lion’s Club, and am now baking bread (well, my bread machine is, anyway 😉 ),  I am also now contemplating a nap since my bread machine is working so hard for me.  Oh, wait, Tim is going to want supper soon. No nap for me.

Now that I have probably bored you all senseless with the recap of my week…

Update on special project Tim and I are working on: It hasn’t come together yet, but we are still working on it.  If and when it does, I’ll let you know. It will be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Have I mentioned… ?

    1. It was actually a little busier than that. As pastors, we do so many things that I can’t post about because of confidentiality. I do like using the bread machine, but I have figured out that the baking part of it is what is making the dough fall. I may just have to do the dough cycle and bake it in the oven. Which stinks because I am trying to keep from heating up the kitchen.

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