Feeling lazy today

Maybe it’s the rain, but I seem to be feeling a bit lazy today. I actually slept until 8:00 am, and those who know me well know that almost never happens. I vaguely remember hearing the 7:00 siren, and I thought I was getting up then…. nope, didn’t happen.

So, now it’s 10:00 a.m. and I still haven’t gotten myself moving.  Well, I have done a load of laundry. But all my plans for this morning have vanished.  That’s okay, because technically it’s my day off, right? 😉

My plans for the day were:  weed pulling (the never-ending job 😀 ), laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, touch-up painting and putting a book case together at the church, sermon prep, scrubbing the bathroom and hanging a new shower curtain liner.

My plans now: cleaning up cat puke 😦  ….UGH!  I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Sigh… so glad I don’t have a weak stomach.  Anyway, my plans for today are to do laundry, dishes, sermon prep, clean bathroom, and if I have time I will go into town and pick up a few supplies.

On a much more pleasant note, Sunday evening we had a concert at our church as an end to our community Harvest Fest.

The group was Eternity Focus, and they were wonderful!

The girl sitting had just had surgery on her foot a few days prior to the concert. I felt bad for her. However, her voice was amazing!

I also enjoyed the fellowship that came after the concert.

I love the people in our community, and I enjoy watching them have a good time together.

Tim left yesterday morning to go pick up the kids from his mom’s.  I wish I would have picked the garden before he left

I have more jalapeno peppers than I know what to do with at this point, and I could have sent some with him. I sent the peas, strawberries, and some of the peppers over to one of our neighbors. (Shan, Jon was happy that he finally got some of the strawberries. You have about 6 more close to ripe. Told him if they ripen before you get home, he can have those as well.)  I think I might stuff the remaining peppers with cream cheese and freeze them.  Then I can bake them up for a treat when Tim and the kids get home.

Well, I’d best drag my lazy bum through the shower and at least try to get something done today. 😀


2 thoughts on “Feeling lazy today

  1. Something I do whenever I have to clean up cat/dog barf when it is on the carpet is that I soak papertoweling in vinegar and let it lay on the spot for about an hour…AFTER I wipe up the gross stuff first.

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