August 8

Well, yesterday I pushed through the lazies and decided to tackle the bookcase.

Not that these are all that difficult to put together…

Even though I’ve assembled quite a few of these cheap, screw together pieces, lessons can still be learned.

Like, the instructions aren’t always correct.

Seriously? Two people?  I’ve always somewhat prided myself in being an independent person. I don’t like having to depend upon other people to do things for me unless I know for sure that I will mess it up if I try (like installing trim and moulding 😉  ).  So when I saw the directions stating this needed two persons, I laughed – out loud.

And I was right.  Why they thought two people were needed for that particular step is beyond my comprehension.

So, I congratulated myself on what a good job I did putting the bookcase together, and in record time, too.

Then I learned another lesson… one the Bible teaches us:  Pride goes before the fall.

Does anyone see what is wrong in this picture?

I must interject here that my hubby warned me that this could happen.  And I thought to myself, “Naw, it won’t happen to me because I will be reading the directions and paying close attention to which direction I am placing the pieces before I put them together.”

At this point I was really, really, really glad that I was the only person there.  I’m sure Tim would have (and still will) had a wonderful time teasing me about this.

So, I had to take the back off, and unscrew the bottom end to get things right.

Another lesson learned… there is a reason this bookcase is only around $20.  The locking bolts don’t want to stay locked, and I had to tighten them several times.

I’m hoping it will stay together now that I have it in place.


2 thoughts on “August 8

  1. I sometimes put a 1×2 on the inside top , screw it in from the top so no one can see the screws.and screw it to the wall. paint or stain the board to match the book case……as you have found out…. you get what you pay for…

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