Go-Kart Racing & Family Fun

On various Saturdays through out the summer, you will find the family at the go-kart track.  Joel races, and Shan is now getting involved.

This is their first season to race.  Shan didn’t race this past Saturday, however, because she wants to save the motor for the final race of the season (Aug 25th).

Since Tim is one of the flagmen,

a gentleman from our church, whose son also races, helps Joel with his kart when needed.

I love the fact that my children and husband have a fun hobby they can share with each other. (I can’t say that I have the racing bug, but I do enjoy watching them race.)

I think what I enjoy the most is listening to Tim and the kids out in the garage, tinkering around on the kart, spending time together.

It really is a precious sound.



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