My temporary washing machine

I haven’t had the chance to fix my washer as of yet, so here is my temporary washing machine.

Don’t worry, the plunger has only been used for laundry purposes. šŸ˜‰

I know I whined a little bit about hand washing clothes, but there are advantages:

1. It gives me plenty of time on my knees, and I certainly have a lot to pray about.

2. I was able to scrub the kids’ socks, and quite frankly I think I was able to get them cleaner than the washing machine.

3. It is building up my hand and arm muscles.

Unfortunately, my arm muscles aren’t quite built up enough to thoroughly wring out the clothes as well as a washing machine, so I have been putting them on the line for a short time to get the excess water out before I throw them in the dryer.Ā  (Don’t wish to waste electricity running the dryer for hours.)

HangingĀ clothes on the lineĀ also reminds me of Grandma Teal. I remember that no matter what chore she was doing, she always did it with a joyful heart. I am so thankful for her example… just wish I followed it more often.

Sometime this week Daddy and I are going to Skype, and he will help me fix the washer by bypassing the lid switch.Ā  I love technology!


4 thoughts on “My temporary washing machine

  1. You have a sweet spirit and remind me of Gpa & Gma Teal both. The reflection in their lives was of Christ. I loved them so much. What a wonderful example of Christ love. They loved me in spite of myself. Now that is something special!

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