September 1st

Today the older kids went to Lifelight early.  One of the couples who are staying here took them. I’m showing up this evening and taking the night shift (yeah, don’t fall over in a dead faint… won’t be home until around 1 a.m.), so the other couple can get back to their young children.

After they left, my friend, with whom we are staying, took one of the little girls and myself out to ride one of her horses.

This little girl had never ridden before,

but she was a natural.

My sister and I used to exercise horses for a gentleman in our church when I was a young teenager.  He had a Tennessee Walker and a Fox Trotter.  They were so fun to ride!

I haven’t been in the saddle for 25 years.

Fortunately, it was like riding a bike.  I still remember how.

However, both my friend and my father assure me that I will be walking funny tomorrow morning.

I would like to deny the possibility, but… I think I’m already starting to feel a little sore.  😀


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