Finally….. pics of Lifelight

For those of you who have been not-so  patiently waiting (and you KNOW who you are! 😀 )  Here are some of the pictures of Lifelight.  Joel took most of them.

This is the main stage right as Lifelight was getting ready to get started. There were 7 different stages, each with performers, speakers, or bands going all the time. I stayed at the main stage, but the kids went to one of the performances at another stage.

This is the lead singer for Remedy Drive.

We wanted to get to the concert in time for my friend and I to see Petra.  For some odd reason, my son didn’t get a picture of them. Hmmmmmm could it be because they are old?  They were around when I was his age?  Yep!

This is Sanctus Real.  After this concert, the lead singer gave a message.  It was very good!

This is Peter Furler and Phil Joel.  Peter used to be the lead singer for Newsboys, and Phil used to be a vocalist and bassist for the Newsboys.  Michael Tate is now the lead singer for Newsboys… just incase you were wondering. 😉  This was one of my favorite concerts.

Another of my favorite artists…


One of the couples was able to get backstage passes and took the older kids on a backstage tour.  They were able to get their picture taken with

The City Harmonic.

That evening, I had planned on staying with the kids all night through the end of Skillet, but due to vehicle arrangements I took one of the adults and all of the little ones home.  The dads stayed with the four older kids.  We watched the opening act as we were headed out the gate, and I was thankful that I was leaving. Talk about sensory overload!

Kirs, these pics are for you.  I know how much you wished you could have seen Skillet.

The last concert of the venue was

Tenth Avenue North.

And now for some pictures of other guitarists…. ones you might know. 😉

Rarely were they without smiles on their faces.

And these two were completely inseparable!

Actually, the boys were kind of inseparable as well.

So thankful that these four are such good friends.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!


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