My *new* washing device

So, every time I do laundry, I dream of a wash board to mercifully save the skin on my fingers.

Last Friday, Tim and I went to an antique store in town and I found what I was looking for.

My hands love me! 😀

I also (per my sister’s suggestion) looked for a mop bucket with wringer

so I can get the maximum amount of water out of the clothes.  Well, no one around here sells them.  I did check with one hardware store and they can order it, but the cost was much more than I wanted to spend.

That’s okay… I’m getting a good cardio workout. 😉  And I certainly need that!


Daddy, Tim and I both put all of our weight, strength, and effort into getting the side pieces off the washer and they wouldn’t budge. I did check, and I can hear the clicking of the lid switch engaging.  We just can’t get to it. 😦  Hope you are enjoying your new job!  Love ya!


4 thoughts on “My *new* washing device

  1. Side pieces don’t come off as you have found out. Put what ever you have to pry with under the corner of the control panel between it and the washer top. It should pop right off….or so he said.

  2. You might want to try hitting some auctions and maybe you can be lucky enough to find either a used washer or an old wringer washer to help you out.

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