A project, but not ‘the’ project

I am constantly trying to find ways to get more counter space and storage in my kitchen.  Right after canning season, it seems that I always have jars upon jars of food just sitting out because I have nowhere to store them.  So, a while back I commissioned our local woodworker to build me a shelf that would fit to the side of our pantry. He has it done, so now I just need to paint it.

I also decided to go ahead and paint the pantry, but before I could, I had to take the cork board off of the side.

I had forgotten that we had to glue it to the pantry to make it stay up.

We finally were able to chip the glue off the pantry, and I was able to start painting.

Note to self: Next time you use oil-based paint, make sure you have mineral spirits on hand BEFORE you start painting.  Sigh….

I will post a picture when it is all painted and put together.  I am excited to get it finished. It will look so cute.  When I started painting, I told Tim that I was going for the slightly distressed farm/country kitchen look in the finish.  He asked if that was because I didn’t have the patience or time to make it look like a professional finish.  Yep, pretty much! 😀  But when you see the backing of the shelf, I think you will see why. Daddy, it may look familiar to you. I have also moved the small table we had sitting up against the pantry to the middle of the kitchen as an island/workstation.  It has casters, so I can move it all around. It’s working well.

This is not the original project that I have been talking about.  I have much to say about that project, and possibly soon. 😉

Well, I must get moving today.  We have a minister’s meeting this afternoon, so I need to get everyone moving in the upright and forward motion. 😀  Please pray for Tim, he’s been carrying a fever for the past 3 days and has felt really lousy.  Hopefully he will feel better when he gets up this morning. And hopefully I won’t get whatever ails him.


** Update**

Hmmm, some mornings it takes more than Mandisa’s ‘Good Morning’, or Press Play’s ‘NY2LA’ to get certain young male individuals out of bed.  This morning, I had to go to this: http://www.skillet.com/video/awake-and-alive  Kirs, I know you will like this.  If you watch this video, especially at the end, you will see why I was on sensory overload and had to leave the Skillet concert at Lifelight. 🙂


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