Job possibilites…

So, Friday I went out job hunting.  Well, I didn’t hunt too awful hard – I just went to a staffing agency.  I have several possibilities there.  The staffing agency itself is looking for a part-time HR person. There are also several insurance agencies and banks that are looking through the staffing agency. I should have a second interview tomorrow.

Before the interview, I need to get some things sorted. For instance, do I want a temporary full-time job, a temporary part-time job, or a permanent part-time job? Permanent full-time is out of the question.

Here’s my cunundrum. There are pastor’s/leadership meetings that I need to attend for credentialing, and I really don’t want to put my credentialing on hold since I’m only a year away from ordination.  There are activities with the church (for instance a youth trip this month to OKC to visit the college) that I would have to forego if I get a job.  We are planning a vacation in February, there is a Regional Minister’s Retreat in April, and then North American Convention – with this year being the Global Gathering – in June.  I will also not be able to take my kids to their homeschool basketball games. 😦 I don’t wish to miss any of these.  I would really like for my focus in life to be my family and ministry, but if I work, I am going to have to give up some of the things I do in ministry because quite simply, I’m not superwoman and I somewhat enjoy my sanity. 😀 (hush sister!)  And my family comes before ministry. Actually, my family is my first ministry – and it should be the first ministry of all pastors – well actually of everyone! (end of mini sermon. 🙂 )  Yeah, I know… I’m preachin’ to the choir.

With all that being said, at this point I have to get a job.  The babysitting opportunity didn’t work out because the parents moved to a different town. With the continual rising cost of fuel and groceries, and the fact that Tim and the kids don’t have medical insurance, I don’t really have much of a choice at this point but to get a job. I’m not griping, I’m just trying to sort through my thoughts and maybe get some wise perspective from my family. (hint, hint 😉 )  There is one other possibility – and it’s a ministry possibility – that I have been praying about for a few weeks, but I will need to contact our regional credentialing chairman before I say anything else about it.

So, all this being said,  I would appreciate your prayers. And if you have a different/fresh perspective that I may not be seeing, please give me your thoughts.  I love you all!



7 thoughts on “Job possibilites…

  1. Just a couple of questions…
    1. Why do YOU have to go to youth activities? Isn’t there a youth pastor?
    2. Can’t Tim drive the kiddo’s to games? and video it for you?
    3. If vaca is here, they I’m all for you not getting a job! 😀
    4. If you need a job, then there is your answer. Let the job know that you have a vaca planned, and then set the priorities of what activities you want/need to do vs. job.

    PS. I was thinking about you this morning whilst I was showering away. I love you and miss you sweetie. Hugs to all.

    1. 1. This is a trip Tim and I were taking the youth on as the youth leader isn’t available – harvest time, ya know. 😉
      2. Tim can’t drive the kiddos to the games because they are during the week when he has to be in the office and have other church responsibilities, and some of them are over-nighters. Quite a few are out-of-state.It won’t work with his church stuff.
      3. Vaca is in S. Dakota / Iowa. Sorry. ((hugs))
      4. Yep.

  2. I will be praying for the situation. Too bad grandma M. isn’t around. She usually had some wise words. Grandma and grandpa Teal ,too. We have lost most of the wise ones. lol

  3. Annie I certainly understand your situation. Since God and family is first priority and with everything else you have going, I would opt for the other solution. Daddy and I will be praying for you to make the decision God would have you to make.

  4. Love reading your blog. I thought i would just add that God must have some other way to supply your needs. Your doing all you can right now with your family, pastoring your church plus you deal with health issue. Praying that God meets those needs and show you what to do.

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