Finished Shelf

Okay, so I finally got the shelf painted and am loading it down. 🙂

I might just mention that it could be wise to use a hammer to get the tight-fitting shelves into place instead of using one’s own fist and wrist.  Or bruising could result…


Today, the kids and I went out to clean-out the garden of the produce since it is supposed to freeze tonight.  I am hoping that most of the tomatoes will ripen inside so I can still use them.  We were able to get quite a few good-sized tomatoes off the vine (and some were even ripe – but not many).  It was quite cold this morning while we were doing this.  My fingers were a bit numb.

When using sharp scissors to clean out tomato plants, it could be wise to wear gloves. Otherwise you could slice deeply through a finger (and not know it because your finger is numb) and bleed all over the place.  I promise not to post a picture of that!  The only upside to this is now I can’t do the dishes.  Well, I don’t know if that is really an upside.  I really wanted them to get done, ummm, quickly?

I will try to post pics tomorrow of all the produce that we brought in.


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