Weekend plans…

Wow, if you got through the last two very wordy posts, congratulations! 😛

Tomorrow morning we are leaving to take some youth to go visit Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City.  And yeah, two of them are ours.  That’s painful. What is more painful is that they could start attending next year online, and get dual credit.  Not sure if I am quite ready for that.  I do foresee a stop at Braums and Pioneer Pies.  For those of you to whom I’m a ‘meaner’, (cough cough, sister, cough cough) I will be texting pictures. 😀

So, today we are trying to get ready for the trip; laundry, packing, etc.  Had a little bit of bad news. We were planning on taking our car, but Tim went in today to get the oil changed and found out that the front tires are shot.  Um, if you remember, I just put tires on in May. Unfortunately, the car is out of alignment (didn’t realize how bad) and now the cords are showing through and well… it will be sitting.  We will be taking Tim’s truck instead.

Mom R, thank you for sending me Tim’s baby pictures.  When we get back I will scan and post them. 🙂


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