Sunday Afternoon in OKC

Sunday afternoon we decided to go the Oklahoma City National Memorial before we left town. Most of you know that we lived in OKC during the bombing of the Murrah Building and my connection to the Federal Employees Credit Union during that time, so this is a special place to me.  The kids had never been, and Tim had never felt he was able to visit until now.

At the memorial there are two gates; one has 9:01 written and the other 9:03.  They frame the time of the bombing. In the middle of the gates is a shallow reflecting pool which is there to calm and bring peace to those who visit.  On one side of the pool where the Murrah Building once stood are chairs signifying the 168 lives lost in the bombing.  The smaller chairs are for the 19 children who were lost.

This time I was determined to find Jill’s chair.

We had wanted to go through the museum, which is new since I have last visited, but did not have time.

We enjoyed what time we did have, though.



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