Baptism Service

Yesterday we had a baptism service. We had three candidates. There were to be more, but they were experiencing some medical issues and couldn’t be there, so we will have another service at a later date.

A baptism is one of the more joyous occasions for pastors.

We held the baptism at our local YMCA.

When we were scheduling the service with the Y, we asked how much it cost to rent the pool.

The director stated, “This is the Young Mens CHRISTIAN Association, it will be nice to actually have a Christian function here. There is no charge.” That was a blessing.

But one of the biggest blessings is seeing the look of joy on the faces after they are baptized.

But the absolute biggest blessing for me yesterday was this…

This next picture is so sweet.

One of Shan’s friends was there as a lifeguard.

I was also blessed by the number of our congregation that made a special trip into town to attend.

(There were more on the other side of the white chair.)

In the words of one of the first lady we baptised, “How Great is our God!”


4 thoughts on “Baptism Service

  1. Baptisms are always so special.I remember as a child I always loved them. Of course now, with more understanding, they are deeply meaningful. I got choked up when I saw Shannon! How wonderful and I agree “How GREAT is our GOD!!!!

    1. Yes, it was the first thing I thought of when I stepped into the cool water. They said the water was 80 degrees, but it sure felt colder. 🙂

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