Sign Language Lessons

Last night, the kids and I started sign language lessons. We have been trying to learn on our own, but it isn’t working out as well as planned. The pastor’s daughter of local church is an interpreter and has agreed to teach us.  So, after I picked the kids up from basketball practice, we went over to the church her father pastors and had an hour of  fun instruction. She was great, but I know she’s going to be a tough teacher. Not only is she teaching the actual signs (some of which were a bit different from what our book had listed), but she is also teaching us about deaf culture.  Learning deaf culture is a requirement if Sign Language is taken as a foreign language credit in High School. However, sign language is not considered a ‘living language’ (don’t quite understand that…) for college entrance, so the kids will also have to take another ‘living’ foreign language.  Shan has decided on Swahili, and Joel is still trying to decide. We will start the ‘living language’ next semester.

And speaking of my dear son, yesterday at basketball practice he got a bloody nose by taking an elbow to his face while trying to block a shot. I’m waiting for him to emerge this morning to try to see if it is broken.    Nope, not broken, but it is swollen and a little red, and he’s talking like he has a cold. Poor guy.  Hasn’t hurt his ability to be ornery, though… he’s currently doing wonderful job annoying his sister. LOL! 😀


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