November 16th

The consult I had yesterday went well. I will be going in for a ductogram on the 28th. The doctor suspects that there is some type of growth in one of the milk ducts, which the ductogram will find. If there is, the duct will be removed and sent off to test for malignancy. Statistically, only 10% of these growths are malignant, so I’m not much concerned.

The community Thanksgiving dinner went well.

The kids seemed to be a bit exhausted, though. I’m guessing they are going through a growth spurt (The fact that Shan now kisses my forehead instead of my nose gave me the heads-up on that one. Waaaaaaa!  Seriously, isn’t my daughter tall enough???).

All four of the community churches were represented in the entertainment.

The Catholic church has a new priest who is almost as unconventional as their previous priest, for which I am very thankful. 🙂 They gave a dramatized version of Psalm 107. They did a great job.

Our Methodist church also has a new pastor. Last night his kids did a puppet show.

It was very cute and funny.

The UCC presented a cute rendition of the Lord’s Prayer.

And we sang three songs.  We weren’t sure if the guys were going to be able to make it until just a few hours before as their jobs keep them very busy, but I was very happy they were there to sing. Unless the song is soft and slow, I stink as a lead vocalist. 😛


2 thoughts on “November 16th

  1. Will continue to pray for you. Love you so much. It does look like a good time was had at your Unity service and dinner. How many more growth sputs can they have ? Put a cinder block on her head.

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