Checking Messages…

I will be ever so thankful when I get another phone. Right now, hubby and I are sharing one. No problem, we share well. 🙂  However, I haven’t had his phone all the time, and I received a message that I didn’t check until this afternoon (Sunday). The surgeons office called Friday to let me know that the test had come back, and while they didn’t see anything that looked really cancerous, they do want me to come in for an ultrasound and then talk to the surgeon again.     Rats! I thought I was done being poked and prodded. 😦


Today was our anniversary.  I would love to say we did something really special for the day, but, umm, not really.  We went to a meat processor to pick up some meat for a friend of ours who couldn’t get there in time to get it.  Then, we took some cookies that I had made earlier today to a couple in our church who are both having some pretty serious health issues. We stayed there for a while  as the wife took us through a scrapbook of her teaching career. I love to look at old pictures and hear stories of people’s lives. Now we are home, I’m fighting a migraine, Tim is watching Pawn Stars, Joel is begging for supper, and Shannon is practicing sign language and teaching me new signs.  Typical night at our house. 😀

I thought I would share another funny. Just because I can. 😀

Well, I’d best go feed my starving son – and the rest of the family. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Checking Messages…

  1. I tried to return your call the other night and I also tried to call to wish you a Happy Anniversary. How well I remember that wonderful day:)
    FYI: I received my Mary Kaye Monday.
    We will continue to pray for you. I love you you!

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