The Pizza Thief

Saturday was a very fun day. We decided to go to town to do lunch and some last-minute shopping. And because it was the last ‘main’ shopping day before Christmas, it was a mad house! Our last stop was Wal-Mart. I needed to do our grocery shopping since I was unable to do so while Tim and the kids were out-of-town (my car is in the shop, and probably will be until next week). Never has grocery shopping been so much fun – or so exhausting. One of the gentlemen who attends our church was checking us out, and I enjoyed getting to know him a bit better as I usually just shake his hand while he’s on his way out the door from service.  We had two carts full, so we had plenty of time to talk. 😀

When we arrived home, we carried in all the groceries from the back of the truck, and scurried to hide our last-minute gifts (except for the one I purchased for Tim… I got it out this morning and it was a bit, um, frozen. Ooops 😉 ).

After the truck was emptied, I took my son to the Methodist church to clean and decided to help him a bit, then go up the hill to our local gas station, movie rental, convenience store, and sub & pizza joint.  I ordered a pizza for supper, then went back to the church to help Joel finish. Then together we went back to pick up the pizza. By this point I was a bit fuzzy-brained. (well, okay sister, a bit more fuzzy-brained than usual 😛 ) As I was headed to check out, I noticed a gentleman from our church was sitting over in the eating area alone, so Joel and I went over to talk for a bit. As we walked out the door, we waved goodbye to one of our deputy sheriffs, jumped in the truck, and zoomed home. I was really looking forward to my jammies and the recliner. Well, we got home, and I put the pizza on the counter. For some reason, I felt my back pocket and realized my debit card was there.

My debit card…. the pizza.  The pizza!

I forgot to pay for the pizza!

I felt like such an idiot.

Joel reluctantly let me borrow his coat to go back up.  He said he wasn’t sure if he would ever see it again, since they would probably take it away from me in jail. 😀 (remember, I walked out without paying in front of the deputy) Fortunately, the woman running the register also attends our church and just laughed at me. I was so embarrassed!

I didn’t have to go to jail.  At least Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon, my mother-in-law, the kids, and I decided to play Monopoly. Guess who spent most of the game in jail? I was constantly, in jail.

Everyone agreed that it was due justice because of my pizza thievery.  😀


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