I am convinced…

I could never live alone.
While I do enjoy – and desperately need – a bit of solitude, it’s too quiet.
Too boring.
Too depressing.
Even with the dog and cats.

So, today I am having two young guests. They are two girls from my Wednesday night class. I went to their house the other day because their mother told me that they both want to get saved, but she didn’t know how to help them. I am praising the Lord for this opportunity! I foresee another baptism service coming up. 🙂

We will also be doing some ‘girly’ things like make-up and the like.  Should be a very fun time.

I was also invited to spend some time tonight with the youth next door at the youth’s New Year’s Eve party.  That should also be quite a bit of fun.

I am also convinced that I’m really more of an outdoors type of person. I have already planned my garden (yet still haven’t finished cleaning up last years….hmmm….) for next spring and have ordered some seeds.  I found another source for non GMO seeds.  I usually purchase from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds aka – http://rareseeds.com/  but decided to give www.anniesheirloomseeds.com/ a try. So I ordered just a few seeds from them to see how it goes.  I have decided to start onions from seed this year.

For Christmas, my family gave me a small greenhouse.


I’m looking forward to using it.  This should also keep my precious seedlings safe from you-know-who…



5 thoughts on “I am convinced…

  1. I love baptism services! We just had one last Sunday in the church parking lot using a blowup type swimming pool. It was a father baptizing his daughter.
    I am excited about your new greenhouse! Looks like fun times ahead.)

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