You know you love gardening when…

You and your daughter tramp out in 11 degree weather, through snow drifts, in pink flowery, calf-length pajama pants to measure the yard and garden plots.  I really should apologize to the neighbors for that one. 😀  I’m sure the pajama pants and snow boots were a beautiful sight to behold! At least my daughter had enough sense to put on long pants. 😀 🙂

Friday morning Shan and I were starting our gardening plans. We have found a planner that is really fun to play with, but we needed correct measurements.  Thankfully, Joel let us borrow his tape measure and off we went. I will have to say that my guesses weren’t too far off, but enough to throw a few plans out of whack.

Here is a link to our garden plans so far.

Daddy, I thought you might enjoy looking at it.  And any suggestions would be welcomed.

It it subject to change…. okay, I know it will change, but it is fun to play and plan. 😉



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