Here’s to our health…

I received a letter from my health insurance company that my rates were going up about 40% (Thanks Obama! 😦 )
But in a way, that was a good thing.(not the Obamacare mandate, but researching for something new) I started researching other options that would also include getting the rest of the family insured.
I found a Christian Healthcare Sharing plan that will cover all of us for just a little over what my heath insurance had increased to. Yay!

Even better, they have a heath incentive. If everyone on the plan is within a certain target weight, has normal blood pressure and cholesterol there is a price decrease. Woot! I love saving money. I also like the thought of being healthy. 😉

However, *some* of us have a little ways to go before we ‘qualify’. And one of the *some* of us has a bit farther to go than the other. (But I’m not going to mention my husband’s name. 😀 ) He did, however, agree to losing weight and trying to get his blood pressure and cholesterol to a normal level. I’m very proud of him, he has really cut back on sodas, and quite a few times he has chosen fresh fruit as a snack instead of junk. He’s doing pretty good. Please pray for him as he is changing his way of eating. I’m sure it is quite difficult.

One of the things that I am doing to help us eat more healthy is the way I grocery shop. I am mostly buying from the perimeter of the store, and not buying processed foods. I am also making our own bread exclusively. The last time I went grocery shopping, the only items I purchased from the inner isles of the grocery store were canned tomatoes and whole wheat pasta. Everything else has been fresh fruit and fresh veggies. I also refuse to buy soda (well, except for this past week while Tim has had the stomach flu – I bought him some 7-up because he wouldn’t do chamomile tea).

Now, just a few notes on me losing weight so some of you won’t worry…

1. Before I started, I set up an accountability partner. This person is not a family member nor a part of our church. She is local to me, she knows my past struggles with eating disorders, and I trust her to keep me in line.

2. I am losing weight to get healthy, not to get ‘skinny’ or ‘thin’.  I will not try to get down to the government’s ‘recommended’ weight for my height because it is too low of a weight for my body.  I know what a good weight is for me, and that will be my goal – health, not thinness. I no longer search for self-worth by looking at the scale or what size of clothes I happen to be able to fit into, nor do I any longer use restricting as a form of ‘self-punishment’.  I want to be healthy. I look to Jesus for my self-worth, and have since realized that I don’t need to punish myself for anything. God’s grace is sufficient for me. 🙂

3. I’m not sharing numbers with you all. Tim doesn’t even know how much I weigh – nor does he care. Other people knowing my numbers are a huge trigger, so I’m just not going there.

One other thing we both need to do to become more healthy is to increase our exercise.  I’m still looking for effective ways. Tim is struggling with this because he has bone spurs on his heels. Poor guy.  Maybe next month he can help me start digging in the garden. 😀


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