And speaking of health…

I have the flu… AGAIN! 😦
And we are leaving on vacation in two days. 😦
I hope I’m better by then.
And I hope the kids don’t get it. Please pray with me that they don’t get this nasty stuff. I want to just be able to go away and enjoy our vacation.

In other news…
There is much conversation in our household over the expansiveness of vocabulary, or lack thereof. I have been trying to enrich the kids’ lives by introducing Shakespeare and some other literary greats. (BTW, on a side note, just because a book is considered a ‘classic’ doesn’t mean that it is a worthy read.) So, imagine my great enjoyment when I found this from one of my favorite Christian Comedians.


For the record, he’s not promoting smoking, it’s part of a previous routine. 🙂


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