Oh, What a Night!

Well, I thought Shannon was better, but yesterday afternoon she spiked a fever. 😦  It’s 3:45 a.m., and she still has one. Joel is feeling somewhat better, but Tim is still not well. (Will this bug ever go away???)

While we were trying to get ready and pack for our vacation, Tim went down to the basement to find something. I heard an upset voice calling up to me.  The basement was starting to fill with water. We were in the middle of and laundry and Joel had just started to do dishes (of course), so I shut all water down and went down to help investigate.  Come to find out, the leak was at the water line coming into the house, and the shut-off valve is broken. Someone from the village had to come and shut the water off at the street. Tim had to rearrange ‘stuff’ in the basement and bring up the boxes that got soaked. Thankfully, there weren’t many because most everything in the basement is in plastic tubs.

At this point, Joel and I started loading dirty dishes into a tub and hauling them over to the Family Life Center (fellowship hall) of the church. Blessedly, the kitchen there has a dishwasher – which makes Joel a very happy boy.

When I stepped out to go to the FLC, the smell of raw sewage was very strong.  Don’t know where it is coming from. When I came back from the FLC, a skunk had joined in the odor making, (gag!) which made me wish I hadn’t taken a decongestant. 😀 (Guess what, Mama, I ‘smell’ good now. LOL! )  Around 10:00 p.m. I brought a load of dishes back, we had decided that we would go over to the Methodist Church in the morning to finish cleaning (yep, that needs to be done before we leave), and we decided we better settle down for the night and get some rest.

Because the guys are still getting ‘frequent flyer points’ on American Standard, they decided to sack out in the youth room next door. Unfortunately, the heater to that side of the building needs to be reset and isn’t pumping out heat. One has to climb into the ceiling of the men’s restroom to do so. Fortunately, the guys have well rated sleeping bags. 😀

I woke up at 2:40 this morning hearing the thermometer go off. Shan’s fever was 101.7 😦   But, oh, the stench in the house!  With the raw sewage and skunk smell from outside, the smell of sickness mixed with lingering generic Lysol spray, and the smell coming up from the basement. Oh, my! I was really wishing I hadn’t taken that decongestant!

So, at 3:00 this morning, I tramped over to the FLC in my pink flowered pajama pants (the neighbors are going to think these are the only ones I own. I’ll have to start wearing my green polka dot pants to add variety. 😉 ) to fill our humidifier with water. I decided to put some anti-plague oil in the water to help purify the air, and also rubbed some on Shan’s and my wrist.  Unfortunately, I am now out… thus the plea in the previous post. 😉

Honestly, at this point, I don’t know what to do. We can’t stay here because there is no water. We are planning on leaving for vacation, but we can’t stay with our friends because Shannon has a fever, and I don’t want to get them all sick. I also don’t want to “waste” a vacation by taking one while we are sick.  Sigh….

So, please pray that Tim and the kids are better in the morning. I am feeling better. I have energy back and feel human again. I just wish they did as well.


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