Goodies in the mail.

Yesterday I went to the post office and was blessed by two packages in the mail.

The first box was from my precious aunt and cousin, who made some very yummy cookies (gluten-free) and brownies. Oh, Wow! Yum! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!  I had to guard them. I went to the post office first, and then to the bank. When the guys at the bank found out what was in there, they tried desperately to take them off my hands…. even as I was going out the door they were still trying to snatch them. 😀

The second was my Baker Creek seed order.  I was going to take a picture to share, however, we (Shan and I) were so excited about getting the tomatoes and peppers started I didn’t get the chance. 😉 I may still take some pics of the ripped-open packages and post later. 😀

Daddy – I am going to send out your tomato seeds tomorrow.  I am going into town today to find small envelopes for them.  I thought I had some, but… 😀  You may be getting more than you asked for.  If I send too much, they can still be used for the next few years, or you can share. 😉


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