News, News, News…

Our Jr. High boys won first place in their division!




And the Sr. High boys will be playing for 1st place today. 🙂

Joel is on both teams. Next year he will only be able to play high school.

Now, here’s the kicker…

In the past, our team and Broken Bow’s team has combined to form one team. This year, Broken Bow has combined with us on every team except the Sr. High girls. We both have more than enough to make a full team, so in order for all of the girls to get plenty of court time, we went back to two teams. Our coach asked the NDII to put us on opposite ends of the bracket so we wouldn’t have to play each other – and they did – however, they way the wins and losses fell, we will be playing against Broken Bow today in the final game.  This should be fun.  Tim said he wanted to go find some face paint and paint half of our faces gold, for the McCook Chiefs, and half red, for the Broken Bow Chargers.  😉

In other news…

1) We are under a Blizzard Warning at home, and will be traveling during the time that it is forecasted to hit. 😦   Of course, you never know whether to believe the Weather Channel because 8 times out of 10 they get it wrong on how much accumulation we are supposed to get. That being said, this year they haven’t been too terribly off.  There is a disturbing pattern, though. Every time Tim and the kids have traveled this winter, they have had to come back during a blizzard. Shan and I brought only a very light fleece jackets because it was originally forecasted to be in the 50’s and 60’s here in Topeka.  We are going to be very cold this evening.

2) My precious hubby is getting glasses. We went to the eye doctor last Tuesday, and he does indeed need bifocals. It will take some time for him to adjust to them, but I must say… the man looks so hot in glasses! (she says as she’s fanning herself :D)  I think I’m going to have problems concentrating during Sunday services now. 😉  😀  (And yes, Joel & Shan, I know you are rolling your eyes as you read this.)

3) There is more news, and it’s on the homeschool/freedom in education topic, but I need to do more research before I post it. So, stay tuned…


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