A New Washer

The other day, my father asked if I had purchase a washer yet.  After hearing my negative response, he sent me a picture of a washer and dryer he would be willing to send me.


While I appreciated the thought, their functionality, and especially his humor 😉 , I decided against taking him up on the offer. Especially since I already have these particular tools.

Instead, we decided that a new washing machine was our best course of action, and we bought this:


It’s an LG 4.3 cu. ft. HE washer. I know we are not supposed to ‘love’ inanimate objects, so lets just say that I am highly infatuated. 😀  😉  There are several features about this machine that make it fabulous for our family.

1. Gargantuan amounts of laundry can be washed in one load.

2. It has a fabric softener dispenser, so no more extra rinse cycles because one of us forgot to put in softener when we heard the rinse cycle going (I don’t do dryer sheets.).

3. It has a window to watch the clothes wash – which could leave us and our felines entertained for hours.

4. My homemade laundry soap is HE compatible – yay!

5. It plays a cute little song when the load is finished – yet even more entertainment.

6. My kids finally want to do laundry.

We’ve been fighting over who gets to use the machine since we installed it yesterday.  I hogged it all day yesterday, but today (Friday) I am going to Denver for Mary Kay Career Conference, so the kids will get their chance. 🙂


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