We love dirt.

Today was such a nice day!  So, Shan and I decided to start getting the garden prepared.  I probably should have done some of this before now, but hey, a person’s gotta do what they can when they have the opportunity.


Shannon and I share the same love for dirt… the feel of it wiggling between our toes, the smell of it freshly turned. Ahhhh.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who enjoy freshly turned dirt… :/



This year we won’t need to use a tiller. The soil has been worked well enough that it is easy to turn.

We almost finished the west garden (where Shan is raking). I just need to pull a few more weeds and finish adding  fertilizer.

I was going to write another post on Common Core Standards, but I want to add a few links that I was not able to find today. When I get it all together, I will post it. Warning… it is frightening!


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