The verdict is in.

Drum roll please.

The cause of our migraines and constant sickness, nausea, dizziness, etc.  is…

Black mold (yep, I knew that one) and carbon monoxide (didn’t know that one – scary!).

I think we will start sleeping with the windows open. 😦

Both bathrooms are so full of black mold and need to be completely gutted.

The kitchen flooring needs to come up and the ceiling needs to be replaced.

All of the insulation in the ceiling has to go. The wood has to be treated.

The carpeting in the kids’ rooms needs to be pulled and inspected for mold.

The flooring in the laundry room has to go.

The back wall of the basement is molded, and the walls of the basement are crumbling and need to be scraped, treated, and sealed.

There is a hole rusted in the heating system – so we have an exhaust leak, which is letting out carbon monoxide.


Please pray.  Insurance won’t cover mold removal. It does need to be professionally removed, because if it isn’t handled properly, it can spread. Like most smaller churches, our coffers aren’t able to cover a huge expense like this. However, I know that God is able to provide. So please pray with me for His provision. Thank you.


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