Refreshing activity.

I’m sure that most people wouldn’t think this is refreshing. And while I was around my sister’s favorite animal, I doubt this will really make her jealous. 🙂

So what did we do that I thought was so refreshing?

We mucked the barn.


And then we took the manure out to the neighboring corn field and spread it. The girls had a four-wheeler and a wagon, my friend and I just had a wheel barrow. Tim stayed in the stables and continued to muck while we spread. Maybe I’m a little warped, but there really is something fun and refreshing about shoveling ‘stuff’.

Unfortunately, sister, I didn’t have time to ride the animals who produce the ‘stuff’. 😉


While Tim, the girls, and my friend and I were being productive…


the boys were working on a somewhat destructive project.  They were told to dismantle or get rid of two computers that were no longer working.

They did completely dismantle one of them, and then they started having fun.



We spent the night there and left the next morning, but not before the kids played a little more


on one of their favorite ‘toys’.




2 thoughts on “Refreshing activity.

  1. You know….I love anything that has to do with horses.
    Even mucking stalls. I however, would have just stood there and petted them and brushed them and talked to them….

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