Garden Therapy

There is nothing like digging in dirt (and calling your mother at the same time) to help you work through problems.


So thankful that I had the chance to do that yesterday while planting some onions.  Although I never did convince my mother that she needed to come and be my personal gardener.  For some silly reason, she doesn’t like to pull weeds. 😉



I was pleased to see my peas doing so well, and I’m thinking I might need to thin them a bit.


I did decide to heavily mulch my garden this year. Not that I don’t mind pulling a few weeds, but I don’t want a repeat performance of the pig weed this year.

I was considering going ahead and planting my cukes, but I’m not convinced we are done with cold temps, so I will hold off.  I also need to build a trellis for them.

It’s raining today. So, there is no digging in the dirt.

Unfortunately, I still need to work through a few things. I have been struggling with a bit of grief and depression. I know why, but I haven’t had the chance to deal with it.  I think if I could just get away and have a good cry I would feel better, but I’ve been too busy.  Sometimes busyness isn’t a good thing. So, if you would just keep me in your prayers I would appreciate it.




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