Trying it again

Well, it didn’t rain much yesterday. So, I decided to clean out the front yard to try growing grass again.
If you remember, last year I sowed some grass seed, but due to the drought and extreme heat most of it didn’t take.


Some of the grass seed did take, though, so I am trying to be careful not to disturb the little patches of grass while I pull out the weeds to re-seed. I’m hoping to finish weeding this morning and get it sown. I am praying for much more rain and less extreme temps this year.



2 thoughts on “Trying it again

  1. Ugh, the only reason to plant grass is to prevent mud. But if grass grows that means you have to mow it. . . Here’s what I think of mowing. It’s a waste of oil, gas and time. I hate mowing! Get a goat name it Lawn boy and all is solved. Hahahaha lol

    1. I am hoping that the grass – we are planting buffalo grass – will choke out the weeds. I would rather mow grass than the goat-head weeds around here. The goat-heads become painful projectiles. 😦 Of course, a goat would be a good idea…. 😉 Unfortunately, they are considered ‘livestock’ and aren’t allowed in the village. We can’t even have chickens. 😦

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