My husband is dumpster diving…

No, it’s not what you think. He’s looking for missing cats.

Several weeks ago, one of our neighbors stopped by to let us know that quite a few cats had been killed and thrown into a pool of some of our friends down the street. I don’t know why whoever is doing this was targeting our friends and their pool, but our friends put up a camera and let everyone know. Their pool has been cat-free since.
For a short time, there was a break in the cat crimes, which just happened to coincide with the temporary incarceration of a person from the ‘meth house’ located in the block between us and our friends with the pool. Hmmmm…
Well, Mr. Incarcerated Meth-head was unfortunately released, and now cats are coming up missing again. Their new location? A dumpster close to the ‘meth house’. A woman in our church reported finding 6 live cats in the closed dumpster. One or two cats in an open dumpster is common around here. That’s how some of the strays get their meals. But 6 cats in a closed dumpster? No.
Two days ago, Butterscotch, our orange tabby came up missing. I wasn’t too worried as it is spring, and he is a tom. He does comes up ‘missing’ occasionally this time of year. However with the recent cat-nappings we were a bit concerned. Tim went dumpster-diving in search of Butterscotch, but came up empty-handed. However, the cat came home yesterday smelling overwhelmingly like a dumpster. Butterscotch is NOT a dumpster-diving cat. He’s too well fed – as evidenced by the fact that we STILL have Mr. Mouse hanging around (but that’s an entirely different blog post 😉 ) and quite frankly, too big and lazy to get himself up into a dumpster.
Yesterday, another of our neighbors asked my husband if he had seen her cat, Taz. He was missing and she couldn’t find him anywhere. Tim went on a dumpster-diving mission again. He didn’t find the cat, and Taz still hasn’t shown back up at his house. I’m hoping he shows back up today. Otherwise, I think he may be out of luck… today is garbage pick-up in our town.


4 thoughts on “My husband is dumpster diving…

    1. No. He gives himself baths. In fact, he is continually and diligently cleaning himself. I think he’s a germaphobe.

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