Last Saturday we attended our local public school graduation. Eight of our youth graduated this year.


I was very proud of all of them!


The graduates have graduation receptions after the ceremony. Unfortunately we were only able to make it to 6 of them.



The last party we attended was in the evening. And it was a toga party. It was hilarious!



We did not dress up. I was going to, but was fighting a serious headache and didn’t plan on staying very long. However, I was impressed by the amount of adults that came in togas. Seriously, hilarious.

And speaking of attire….

Dear Sis, since you looooooved my gardening ‘hat’ so much, and are sooooo  jealous of it, I have decided to get you one and send it home with Mom and Dad when they come here next month. 😀  Just because I’m sweet like that.  😛  Or, I could get you a camo ball cap that matches mine. Your choice. 😉


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. OH my dear sweet sister. As much as I would LOVE to have a beautiful hat just like yours, I would HATE for you to go to all that trouble. Please…DON’T….lolol

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