Blessed Barefootedness

I love going barefoot.

I know, you’re completely shocked! 😀

I remember running barefoot during the summers when we lived on Flat Foot Road out in the country.  I also remember my future father-in-law yelling at me for driving barefoot when Tim and I were dating. Great memories. 🙂

For the record… it is not illegal to drive barefoot. In fact it is encouraged if one is wearing flip-flops or backless shoes, as they can easily slip off and cause problems. But I digress…

There is something freeing about being barefoot. Part of that feeling might have something to do with being extremely claustrophobic – my feet especially so. When my feet feel constricted, then I feel constricted and cannot concentrate. And because I want to be a productive citizen, I go barefoot. 😉 That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. 😀 😛

I also enjoy the feel of the earth beneath my bare feet. Although, Tim has forbidden Shan and I to go barefoot in the garden because this year there is an extraordinary amount of glass and broken pottery working its way up through the ground. 😦

This past week, after my post on Garden Therapy, I decided to research the correlation between  playing  working in the dirt and physical/emotional health and extended it to going barefoot. 🙂  I did find out quite a bit of information. I found this article on “earthing”, which was an interesting read. But basically, here are the benefits of going barefoot:

1. Walking barefoot strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves. This helps prevent injury, knee strain and back problems. Not only that, but because it works muscles not used when you’re wearing shoes, it strengthens and stretches your core, helping keep your posture upright, and your balance spot on. Okay, my balance could use a little more work…. maybe I don’t go barefoot enough??? Just kidding…

2. Walking barefoot in the grass can help decrease anxiety and depression by 62 percent, and increases the levels of those feel good endorphins. I wonder if weeds count? 🙂

3. It’s a free reflexology session. 🙂

4. Grounding… see above article. Take it for what it’s worth, but I am for alternative methods of medicine. I’ve had reflexology and acupuncture done with good results, so I’m not opposed to thoughts of natural healing properties of the earth… However, I’m not into anything ‘new age-y’ I worship the ONE who made the earth.

Not everyone appreciates my barefootedness. However, recently I came across a picture of shoes? that might keep everyone happy. They look like sandals, but there are no soles. They are called barefoot sandals. Where have they been all my life? They have been around for thousands of years, so why am I just learning about them?

c23bea9f3ec3af4e2f04e25ad8f49ebd 2198

I think I should get a pair for church. 😉


3 thoughts on “Blessed Barefootedness

  1. Oh…sweetie….so much to say, so little time…giggle.

    I want some barefoot sandals too….

    I always kick off my shoes when driving…unless I wear tennis shoes. I rarely wear tennis shoes.

    Shoeless Joe

  2. I love the sandals. I wish I had pretty feet. I have gone barefoot most of my life(and that is a long time).

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