Flower Pot Project

Shan and I have been working on a flower-pot project. It’s been a long time coming. We found this idea on pinterest last year, but failed to do it. This year, we are determined to get them done.

We were wanting a flower-pot that wouldn’t blow away in the high Nebraska winds. Most of my plastic pots go sailing. Well, unless there’s a fuzzy feline sitting in them, and then the flowers are toast.

These pots are very easy to make.

You take 5  12-inch pavers and glue them together like this:



And then you have your fuzzy little helper get glue all over her fur… 😦


You are supposed to wait 48 hours to paint the pot because the paintable adhesive needs to dry.

But I wanted to see what the color we purchased would look like on the pot. 🙂


I figured one side wouldn’t hurt anything, right?

When they are finished, I will post the completed project hopefully full of flowers…

and pointed bamboo skewers to keep the fuzzy felines out.


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