Blessings and Accountability

There are many blessings that God gives us each day. I’m reminded of the song, ‘Count Your Blessings’, but sometimes wonder how often we fail to count our blessings. I know I’m guilty of that. Sometimes we take our blessings for granted and don’t see them for what they are. Sometimes these blessings may seem insignificant, and other times they may seem huge. I have decided to list some blessings in each post.

I have also started working on one of my goals: memorizing much of the Bible. The way I memorize is by writing, so my goal is to write out the entire Bible. To keep myself on track with this, I will also state in each post what I have written each day. This also provides accountability.

Today starts the first day of VBS.  We are doing it early this year, but I think it will work out very well. We are also holding it in the park.  I am leading crafts again this year, and Shan is helping me on three of the days. I look forward to working with the kids. They are so fun – even the ornery ones. 🙂  I’m sure I will be sharing pictures through out the week.


1. Skype. This may sound frivolous, but I am very blessed to be able to not only talk to my family, who are over 1100 miles away, I am able to see them and interact with their lives. And, they are able to see what we are doing in living time. Yesterday, my sister and aunt were even able to meet one of our church board members. And I was able to meet my niece’s boyfriend, who also helped me work on a computer problem through Skype – another blessing.

2. Friends with ‘fertilizer’. Saturday night, a couple in our church dropped off a huge black tub full of the ‘good stuff’. I consider friends who are so generous to drop yak poo at our house a huge blessing. 🙂


Scripture: Genesis 1.


One thought on “Blessings and Accountability

  1. I so enjoy hearing Tanya sing count your blessings in congregational singing. I have also enjoyed getting to know your nieces boyfriend these last few weeks. Dad and I have enjoyed discussions with her and her boyfriend on growing in the Christian walk, being Christians and living a Christian life and putting God first. He is a wonderful young man.

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